Why does the oven go out in a gas stove: the main causes and solutions

You decided to cook a delicious roast or fragrant charlotte, and the dish was left to bake in the oven. By putting the baking dish in the oven, after a while you find that the flame has gone out. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens with gas stoves and ovens. The best solution is to call specialists, however, there are times when the malfunctions are not related to the ignition of the burner, and they can be eliminated independently, following the recommendations. We will find out why the gas stove does not hold the flame and constantly goes out.

Oven in a gas stove.

To fix the gas oven yourself, first you need to find the reason why it does not work.

The main causes of attenuation of the oven in a gas stove

What are the main causes of attenuation of a gas oven during operation, what to do and how to fix the problem? There may be several reasons for the malfunction. The main one is problems with gas control. It is quite simple to ignite the oven - either manually, bringing the flame to the hole in the cabinet itself, through which the gas enters, or by means of auto-ignition. Inside the stove there is a burner to which gas is supplied, and next to it is a device that provides gas to the burner - a thermocouple. If the flame goes out, then the gas supply to this unit is blocked and the flame either goes out or does not light up.

Reasons why the gas oven goes out:

  • nozzle clogging;
  • thermocouple malfunction;
  • low gas pressure.
the gas stove goes out.

There are 3 main reasons why a gas stove goes out.

Nozzle clogging

It so happens that the nozzle opening through which the gas is supplied is clogged. For example, if you cooked something and food particles got into it. If this happens inside the oven, the flame may flare up, but due to clogging of the hole, it may be weak enough and not ignite at all. Do not try to fix this problem yourself, contact the gas master for repair. He will clean the nozzle and adjust the air damper. In exceptional cases, nozzle replacement is required.

Nozzles in a gas oven.

The first thing you should pay attention to is checking the condition of the nozzles.

Thermocouple Malfunction

A common problem with flame extinction is a thermocouple malfunction. The thermocouple is responsible for supplying gas to the burner and in case of malfunctions, you should find out if the system is damaged. The mechanism for supplying gas to the burner is due to the generation of an energy charge by this device. This energy charge is distributed throughout the wire up to the solenoid valve to create a magnetic field, causing the valve to expand. If the burner does not heat up the thermocouple as expected, the solenoid valve shuts off the gas supply and the flame in your oven goes out quickly:

  • the tip of this device has shifted, because of this the thermocouple does not heat up enough, preventing the electromagnetic valve from opening, and the flame goes out;
  • tip is dirty;
  • The thermocouple has worn out for natural reasons.
Thermocouple replacement.

Thermocouple for gas oven.

Low gas pressure

Another reason why the fire goes out in the oven of the gas stove is the low gas pressure.It is possible to see that the gas burns weakly by a pronounced sign - the flame crown is smaller in height than usual and can die out after some time. There can be several reasons for insufficient gas supply and weak combustion. Typically, this is contamination of the nozzle through which the gas is supplied. Having cleaned it, this problem can be eliminated. Also check the supply hose to the stove, it is located below the stove, it may be bent or pinched by something.

Nozzles in a gas stove.

Contaminated nozzles can cause low gas pressure.

What to do when a problem is detected?

It happens that the problem of poor gas supply and flame attenuation is caused by accumulated grease in an electric ignition or regulator. Having cleared them of pollution, you can eliminate this problem. Also check the ignition plug; if the holes are clogged, the crown of the flame will be small or smoke.

It might be worth checking to see if oxygen is entering the oven. To do this, check the tightness of the oven door closure.

Many, noticing that something is wrong, ask the question: what is the malfunction and how to fix the stove yourself? However, if you encounter any malfunction that requires appropriate qualifications, it is better not to try to repair the stove yourself. Such an intervention without appropriate skills and knowledge is fraught with big problems.

How to fix a gas oven.

If you yourself do not have the necessary tools and knowledge to fix problems, then calling a specialist will be the best solution.

Important! Gas is a highly flammable and explosive substance. There are many examples of fires and fires in connection with ignoring warnings. In addition, even if you already had experience repairing a stove or oven, it is much better to trust specialists, since over time a malfunction may occur again.

If your gas stove does not have a warranty period, then call the service center of the company where you purchased the equipment. If the warranty has expired, then call a qualified specialist from other companies in your city. The wizard will be able to professionally fix all problems and tell you how to care for the stove.

Breakage prevention

Gas stoves are used everywhere and are popular because they are quite unpretentious in use and maintenance. There are many brands of plates, the most popular and safe are the plates of the Hephaestus model. But in order for a stove of any model to serve you faithfully for many years, you need to properly care for it, follow safety precautions. This is the only way to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and generally minimize them.

Care of the gas stove.

In order for the stove to serve you for a long time, you must first of all properly care for it.

It is useful to completely clean your stove from contamination at least once a week. Try to wash the surface immediately after cooking, if you see spots of oil, any other liquid and or food debris there. First remove large residues, crumbs, and then wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge.

Important: Do not use powders or other similar cleaning agents, as they have a detrimental effect on the enameled surface of the plate. Powder abrasive can cause scratches and microcracks. The same applies to cleaning devices, they must be soft in structure.

Additional Information

It is not forbidden to use classic household methods, such as: soda, vinegar, citric acid or alcohol.

Gas stove cleaning.

To clean the gas oven, you can use store and folk cleaning products.

Use a regular foam sponge, you can use a soft washcloth or cloth. Apply only creamy consistency, evenly distributing them over the enamel. To completely remove adhering grease and stains, leave it for 1-2 hours so that the product removes all dirt and germs from the surface of the gas stove. Next, remove the hotplates and soak them together with the cleaning agent in water for 1-2 hours.

After that, rinse everything off with a damp sponge, wipe with a cloth and replace the dry burners.

Please note: Observe safety precautions when using the stove and do not panic if you smell gas. Just turn off the gas pipe valve and try not to be in the apartment until the arrival of specialists.


  • Do not unscrew the gas handles at full power, as if the gas supply is too powerful, the flame from the burner may come off, thereby emitting carbon monoxide.
  • Do not leave the gas stove turned on unattended.
  • Keep track of the quality of the equipment, if you see a yellow flame, the oven does not burn in the gas stove, or any other problems occur, call specialists in a timely manner.
  • Do not allow liquid to spill onto the surface of the stove, as this can cause the fire to die out and cause a gas leak.
  • Check the gas water heater.
  • Pay attention to whether the hood works. To determine this is very simple, you need to bring the burning match to the chimney, hold for a while, if the flame is drawn in, then the hood is working properly. If the flame burns as usual or deviates to the side, then the heater must not be used.
How does a gas oven work.

It is necessary to periodically monitor the operation of the oven.

Basic oven care

Caring for the oven is about the same as for the stove. Take some time to clean its surface.

There are two ways to clean up dirt:

  1. Classical. You simply apply detergent to the cabinet’s inner walls, and it should not contain powder or abrasive, which also affects enamel badly. Leave on for about 1-2 hours so that the dirt gets corroded. Then, with intense movements, wipe the plaque. But you should do it carefully and use a soft sponge.
  2. Hydrolysis. This method is suitable for adhering dirt, grease. To do this, dilute the detergent in a pan with water and put it in the oven, heated to 80-95 degrees for about half an hour. Stuffed dirt under the influence of steam will get wet and wipe it will become much easier.
Cleaning the gas oven.

There are two ways to clean the gas oven.

Important! Only proceed to washing the oven after it has completely cooled down! Then wash off the foam with a sponge dampened in water and wipe it dry with a cloth.

If you follow the above simple rules, you can save the original condition of your stove and prevent breakdowns. Carefully monitor the operation of the burners, the oven, and if you encounter any problems, take a look at the technique. If you yourself are not able to understand what could have caused the malfunction, contact a service center. When providing services, ask what caused the breakdown, and use the recommendations of the masters. Read informative articles on this topic. And, of course, take care of the gas stove regularly so that it serves you as long as possible and delights you with delicious dishes!

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