Do-it-yourself wedding hall decoration: photo ideas

The picturesque and special decoration of the wedding hall with your own hands is an indivisible part in organizing the atmosphere of the holiday. To emphasize and fully express the thematic direction of the wedding celebration using traditional techniques.


At the same time, without using the services of professionals whose work is worth a lot of investment. How to make a celebration for a young family exclusive and precisely place all accents. Doing it yourself is quite possible.

General recommendations

  • Choice of decoration style. The design of the hall for the wedding should be carried out in a single concept to serve as an integral background for the decoration of the bride. Otherwise, ill-conceived compositions will create diversity and the room will more likely resemble a playground for a children's matinee.
    decorating a small hall with balls
  • Tone selection. The design of the hall requires the definition of basic tones, complemented by harmonizing colors with them. Elegance needs moderation and conciseness. Bright elements that enliven the elegant decoration of the hall can be arranged using bouquets of flowers or colorful balloons.
  • Color selection. What is the design of the hall without the use of fresh flowers. Withered flowers should not be used, they will only spoil the beauty and general impression. For example, a rose, chrysanthemum or clove is best suited for these purposes, as these varieties retain their freshness for a long time.hearts from balls will be a great addition
  • Fabric selection. Do-it-yourself decoration of the hall for a wedding implies the use of textiles. Save on this is not worth it - elegant tables and chairs will create a special charm and sophistication.


Choose a style

  • The design of the hall for the wedding should begin with the choice of style - this will allow it to look like a single whole space, breathing life into it.
  • Most young couples prefer classics; this trend welcomes a huge amount of expensive textiles, fabrics, decorative objects, and high floral designs.color combination should be harmonious

The dominant colors of this style are beige, dairy, silver and gold. Bright elements are not prohibited, on the contrary, they will give space energy.

  • Decoration of the hall for a wedding with your own hands in vintage style. The dominant colors are pastel colors, enchanting with tenderness. The use of fabrics is also relevant, only in this case, we are talking about openwork, lace, light silk.

The use of gold is unacceptable, the highlight of this style is pearls. The use of heavy, rich decor is also excluded, here the emphasis is exclusively on elegance.

red and white balls

  • It is possible to realize the decoration of the hall in a fashionable eco-style with your own hands, using nature: wildflowers, natural tones. All this combined creates a delicate and romantic atmosphere.


Main steps

Conventionally, the decoration process is divided into the following stages:

  • Overall plan. The preparation of the plan is mandatory, since the final result will depend on it.
  • Whether the table for young people will have a special design or the whole space of the hall will be decorated in a common style, how and where, photographs or posters will be posted, whether additional lighting, garlands, a little table for gifts and so on are needed. All these subtleties are better thought out in advance.there are few balls
  • The choice of colors for decor and floral bouquets.
  • Design chairs, tables.Bows, trains, wraps will create a festive mood.
  • Dressing with floral arrangements, balloons, garlands and other wedding attributes.
  • The final stage - the arrangement of floral bouquets on the tables for guests, decorative wedding paraphernalia and banquet cards.


To top it all off, a video material is offered on the topic: how to decorate a wedding room with your own hands.

Original hall decoration ideas

An interesting version of the decor of the hall is decoration according to the seasons.

  • In autumn, the hall can be decorated with colorful leaves in combination with bunches of mountain ash. Decorate chairs and tables with checkered textiles.
  • In spring and summer using different natural flowers.
  • In winter - with snowy twigs, beads and ribbons.beads in the shape of hearts can be decorated with inscriptions

Rain of rose petals

This decoration is done quite simply:

  • rose petals are strung on a transparent thread;
  • the resulting threads are attached to the ceiling;

A stream of air will fan them fancyly, creating a festive mood. We look at the photo below.

Wedding posters

red and white balls

Various wedding-themed posters have recently been considered an integral attribute. You can use them now. But they should be large with a minimum of words, and the letters should be large and colorful. Get involved in them is not worth much. That is how they will harmoniously fit into the picture of the wedding decor of the hall for the wedding. Posters can be bought ready-made or do-it-yourselfers. The photo shows ideas for wedding posters.

Garlands with bulbs

hearts made of small balls

Festive Christmas garlands and light bulbs can be used to decorate the hall. Having placed them on more significant places of a celebration, to make of them a certain curtain on a dance floor. Such decoration will add originality to the wedding hall.

Photo using Christmas garlands in the decoration

Banquet Hall Wall Decor

there shouldn’t be many flowers in a wedding decoration

Much attention is paid to decorating the banquet hall to the wall in front of which the newlyweds are located. She must be the most beautiful and special. The wall can be decorated with drapery, wedding symbols in the form of hearts, pigeons as a symbol of a happy family life. You can alternatively decorate it with a paper garland made by yourself. On it you can attach a poster or a huge rushnyk with ornaments or embroidery. There are many fantasies - the main thing is that this wall be bright and attractive, but at the same time, harmoniously complement the decor of the whole space.


Homemade Garlands

Do-it-yourself garlands can be used to decorate walls, ceiling or window openings. You can make them from almost any material: ribbons and bows, fabric strips or beads. Homemade garlands made of foil and shiny fabrics look beautiful. They look especially impressive at the entrance to the banquet hall. In the photo below you can see how to make them yourself.

initials of the names of the bride and groom will fit beautifully in the background

Air balloons

Almost no wedding is complete without balloons. The variety of their colors and shapes is striking in its quantity. With skillful combination and combination of them, you can build arches, swans and even columns. The dominant colors for the wedding are white and pink. You can issue them with anything you want. For example, gel balls look good on the ceiling, especially with colorful ropes hanging down. This design will not only please the newlyweds, invited guests will appreciate the effectiveness of this decoration.

red and white is advice yes love

From bright balls, you can create a big heart, how to do it, below is a video tutorial.

Natural flowers

Flowers are considered a classic wedding; they should be present both in front of young and at festive tables of invited guests. From flowers you can make bouquets and compositions. Lilies, roses and other varieties can be placed in curly vases. You can cut off the petals from them, put them in flat dishes with water, and place floating candles on top of them.Flowers should be bought in advance, and put on tables in vases before the celebration.

We decorate chairs and tables


Designing a banquet hall for a wedding implies a special approach, reverent attitude to tables:

  • Tablecloths are better to choose cream tones, milky or golden. These colors are perfectly combined with almost any dinner service, look harmoniously with any decor of the banquet hall. Experimenting with other colors should be extremely careful. It is better if a specialist helps with this advice and advice. Decorative elements are attached to tablecloths with drapery: bows, ribbons, lace and so on.a garland and rings in the background will fit perfectly
  • The decoration of the wedding hall also includes beautifully laid fabric napkins on the tables. Animals made from napkins, for example, swans or hearts, look spectacular.garland gives a little magic
  • Cards on the festive table. The names of the guests are written on them, then they are attached to the backs of chairs, on glasses or simply laid out in a decorative form.arches from balls look very beautiful
  • Natural flowers. Without this attribute, the decor of the hall will not look complete. They are placed on each festive table every 1.5-2 meters. Particular attention is required to a bouquet on the table of the newlyweds, it should advantageously differ from other bouquets. You can use a chic floral arrangement instead of a bouquet.on the background you can add a photo of fresh flowers
  • Covers are put on chairs - this is especially true if the furniture in the room is old or scratched. The fabric is chosen in harmony with napkins and tablecloths. And bows with ribbons and flowers tied on the backs make them more solemn.


A table for a wedding cake needs to be allocated separately. Its dimensions are always large, so among other treats it does not fit on the wedding table. You can originally decorate it by immersing in a floral frame, a multi-colored garland with balls. The table itself can be decorated with a "skirt" of light flowing fabric.

ball in ball another chip

How to make an inexpensive room for a wedding with your own hands

a combination of balls with butterflies and flowers made of paper

The easiest and cheapest way to budget decor of a banquet hall - decoration with balloons. Moreover, the variety of colors, shapes allows you to build whole compositions from them. Or as separate elements placed at the entrance, ceiling, windows. An aerial arch or a huge heart, even if it takes more time and effort, but the result will be stunning. In addition to balls, you can use fresh flowers, homemade garlands, ribbons, bows, fabrics and other handy materials as a decor.

DIY wedding hall decoration: 40 photos

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