How to decorate a countertop: decoration methods, materials and ideas from designers

Old furniture is often strong, solid. But it’s not necessary to throw away the object beloved by the whole family - “new life” will turn out to “breathe” into both the grandmother’s locker and the table of the great-grandfather. Independent tabletop decor It will not be difficult if suitable materials are purchased.

Decor countertops.

There are many ways to restore kitchen worktops.

Features of tabletop decor

I furniture is often strong, sound. But it’s not necessary to throw away the object beloved by the whole family - “new life” will turn out to “breathe” into both the grandmother’s locker and the table of the great-grandfather. Do-it-yourself tabletop decor will not be difficult if suitable materials are purchased.

To update, modify an old product, you do not need special design skills - it is important to desire, to have an interesting idea. The “price of the issue” depends on the technique chosen, the materials used. Sometimes the table is still very strong, it is a pity to part with it, but it does not fit into the interior - then it needs to be modified.

Restoration of old furniture.

In order to breathe new life in old furniture, special design skills are not needed.

How to choose a decoration technique

There are a great many ways of decorating a kitchen table - the choice depends only on the imagination of the master, the degree of wear of the structure, the desired result. Most often, a wooden table is simply covered with stain. A product that has many curved parts is difficult to glue with a film or tile - it is easier to paint. To implement complex options, you should look at the corresponding master classes.

Decorating an old table

Decorating an old table with a ceramic plate.

Where to start restoration, decoration

Before starting work, the surface must be carefully prepared:

  • fasten loose joints;
  • wash with household chemicals;
  • remove stickers, pictures;
  • remove unnecessary fittings;
  • remove the remnants of old coatings - varnishes, paints;
  • to clean all available cracks, chips;
  • sanded with sandpaper.
Grinding the table.

Before proceeding to decorating the surface, you need to thoroughly clean and sand the countertop.

Main steps

The first stage of registration is the preparation of the workplace, the necessary tools and materials are purchased. After the product is inspected, removed from it all the excess, the application of the primary primer. After the table dries, you can proceed with the selected finishing technique.

Table decoration with foam for painting

Polyfoam is a cheap, lightweight material purchased at the nearest building market. Used parts of the baguette, corners that are glued to the ends, legs of the table, facades, with glue. Sometimes polystyrene decorates the junction of the countertop with the wall. The finished product is partially or completely painted with gold, silver, any other paint.

Styrofoam for painting.

An individual table design can be obtained using polystyrene for painting.

DIY Designs

When there is a choice, what is the best way to finish the countertop in the kitchen, choose a mosaic, decoration with a self-adhesive film, coffee beans laid under glass. They also use the craquelure technique, wood painting, decoupage with napkins, simple surface painting.


This technique allows you to design the design with drawings, pictures, photographs located on special decoupage napkins.

Working process:

  • wash, clean the structure of all unnecessary;
  • apply acrylic primer;
  • to dry;
  • apply PVA glue;
  • attach a napkin with the selected image to the surface;
  • align gently so that there are no bubbles;
  • varnish the product.
Decoupage coffee table.

Decoupage worktops can easily be done if you have the ability to draw.


If you have certain skills of the artist, the table is decorated with any pattern, picture. If such skills are not available, stencils will come to the rescue - they are cut independently from cardboard or a self-adhesive film. The surface is pre-sanded, putty, painted in a suitable color. After drying, a template is fixed through which paint is applied using a swab, brush, spray can. Next, the template is carefully removed, the picture is dried, varnished.

Table decor.

Painting on the table.


Craquelure decoration creates the effect of a very old thing, all the paint on which is cracked. It is not difficult to create such an effect: the surface is covered with paint, and, without waiting for it to dry, a layer of craquelure varnish is applied. The latter is purchased at an art store or made independently from PVA glue with egg white, gelatin.

Carraquelure for countertops.

Updating the kitchen table with the Karakelyur technique.

Tip: to make the effect more noticeable under the varnish, two layers of paint are applied - the second after the first has dried.


Making the table with stickers is the most “lazy”, short-lived version of the decor. For work you will need:

  • vinyl film;
  • squeegee for smoothing;
  • sharp scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • long ruler;
  • rags.
Sticker of the kitchen table.

The fastest and most affordable method of updating furniture can be considered stickers.

The upper plane, the facades of the product are leveled, degreased. The next step is to “cut” the film, leaving allowances of about five cm on each side - these parts are wrapped at the ends, paying particular attention to the corners. The surface is carefully smoothed with a squeegee, but if nevertheless "bubbles" are formed, they are pierced with a thin needle. The film is fully adhered in two to three hours.

Tip: to make the product look more original, they acquire films of several colors, with different patterns.

Sticker on the kitchen table.

The sticker allows you to effortlessly spend time updating any surface.


The mosaic-mounted worktop looks luxurious and expensive. Mosaic happens:

  • from Venetian glass;
  • smalt;
  • from porcelain tile;
  • mirror;
  • made of natural stone.
Mosaic on the table.

Porcelain mosaic countertop decor.

The easiest way is to paste the table with mosaics, the small tiles of which are fixed to the grid, silicone, paper. Single fragments have a square, polygonal shape, various sizes. The surface to be formed is primed, after which tile glue is applied with a comb spatula, but if the tiles are glass, the adhesive base is transparent. Gluing is carried out from the front edge - the most visible part of the structure. When working, they are periodically “checked” with the building level, each fragment is carefully smoothed so that there are no voids under the tiles. Then the ends are glued, grouting of the seams is performed.

Mosaic for table decor.

The technique of decorating with mosaics can be made from the remains of ceramic or tile.

You do not have to buy mosaic at a hardware store - you can use shards from broken dishes, pieces of ceramic tiles, pieces of CDs, gramophone records, mirrors, colored glass, etc.

Under glass

Almost anything is used to make a unique picture, located under the glass surface: coffee beans and beans, cardamom and acorns, beads and plastic caps, wine corks and buckwheat, hippos from Kinder surprises and broken glass. It is important to consider that a table designed in this way will become slightly higher.

Round table made of glass.

Design of a dining table with a glass surface.

How it's done:

  • the design is cleaned of paint, dirt;
  • a wooden, metal frame 5-15 mm thick is glued around the top perimeter .;
  • if the countertop is large, you will need to make several partitions;
  • the product is stained, dried;
  • decor is glued inside the frame - forest "gifts", small dried vegetables, beautiful grains, miniature toys, etc .;
  • with the help of rubber glue thick glass is glued onto the frame - preferably tempered.

A simpler way of decoration is to apply a drawing to the countertop, followed by gluing the glass. The greater the thickness of the latter, the larger the picture appears.

Materials, tools

The main materials that are useful in any finishing method are PVA glue, clear varnish, wood primer. You will also need brushes for paints, glue. When the product is very loose, it lacks any details - this needs to be fixed. Then you need carpentry tools, fasteners. Old coatings are removed with a metal spatula, pollution - household chemicals. Even with certain types of design, a ruler, scissors, patterns, a square, a building level will come in handy.

Tools for table decor.

Before you start decorating the table, you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials.

Styles, color schemes

When the design is completed, it should fit well into the existing interior. Light colors and floral prints are suitable for a Provence style kitchen; the hi-tech countertop is easiest to decorate with silver self-adhesive foam. The classic table is painted manually with white paint, the baroque product is pasted over with mosaic of fine colored ceramic tiles.

Decoupage technique

Decoupage technique for restoration of a classic table.

Options for placement in the interior

A freshly designed kitchen table does not have to be placed in this room. It will be an excellent attribute of the living room or bedroom, hallway or nursery. The table is built into the new kitchen, if the style allows, in a corner or near a free wall.

Decor table surface.

The newly decorated table should be left to dry for several days.

Additional tips from designers

To create a decor for any countertop, they are guided by the advice of professional designers who recommend the use of environmentally friendly, odorless materials. Finishing elements should not fall off the product. The design itself will become a bright room accent, attracting all the attention to itself. It is important that the item fits well into the interior.

Decor countertops.

The tabletop decor should fit the general style of the room.


Any aged item can be updated by issuing an interior that has changed during the next repair. It will come out much cheaper than acquiring new, similar furniture. Beautiful decoration of the kitchen table is easily done with your own hands, using simple tools, materials.

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