How and how to wash the refrigerator inside and out?

Housekeeping requires considerable knowledge for washing, cleaning appliances in the kitchen from pollution. And it is especially important to know how to wash the refrigerator inside and out. Such manipulation is required regularly. If washing is not carried out regularly, many harmful microorganisms and unpleasant odors accumulate inside the household appliance. But it stores the food that all members of your family eat, so it is very important to know: what are the nuances of washing? How to eliminate “stubborn” odors and dirt? With any impurities and "aromas" will help to cope with both ready-made store products and folk recipes. How to properly wash the refrigerator, what means are provided for washing the refrigerator inside? Detailed recommendations in our material.

Washing the fridge.

Many housewives are interested in how and how to wash the refrigerator, because such procedures need to be carried out regularly.

Features of washing the refrigerator

No matter what brand or model your home appliance is, they all wash the same way.

Outside, the refrigerator is washed with the same means as inside: with special formulations, dishwashing detergent, soapy water or using folk recipes.

Washing should begin, moving from top to bottom. In this case, pay special attention to distant walls, recesses, corners.

How to clean the refrigerator

In order to wash the refrigerator well, and there are no unpleasant odors in it, and poorly cleaned dirt did not accumulate, we advise you to take note: the best option is to use a folk recipe. With them, it is possible to carefully clean the chambers of all types of pollution. Abrasive compounds are not recommended, since particles of them spoil the surface of a cooling household assistant.

How to clean the refrigerator.

You can clean the refrigerator with cleaning products and alternative methods.

How to clean the refrigerator from yellow spots, grease and other contaminants

To wash the household appliance with folk remedies follows step by step. This is how caustic odors, yellow spots, and dirt can be effectively eliminated.


We mix water with vinegar essence (1: 1) in a small container. Do not make such a solution so that vinegar prevails: parts of the household appliance will get an unpleasant odor.

Take a small sponge or soft cloth, blot in the prepared solution and start cleaning the refrigerator. First remove grease, then wipe the entire chamber. If there are clean areas in the appliance, treat them anyway: it is necessary to decontaminate the plastic and remove the smell.

Vinegar for washing the refrigerator.

Vinegar removes dirt and foul odors from the refrigerator.

Now let the chamber dry, so do not close the door.

Remove water droplets remaining on the plastic with a dry cloth. And grates with containers should be washed separately. Then dry these parts and parts of the refrigerator well and put them in their usual places.


Practice washing with this product a couple of times a month: more often - we do not recommend it, otherwise plastic parts may be damaged.

Mix ammonia (30 g) with water (300 g), soak the sponge with the prepared solution. Now wipe the inside of the refrigerator.

Ammonia for cleaning the refrigerator.

Disinfection in the refrigerator can be carried out with ammonia solution.

Thus, it is good to disinfect the surface of a household appliance, to remove yellowness and various stains.

IMPORTANT! Before you start using a new refrigerator, be sure to treat it with such a tool.


The most common substance that successfully copes with dirt and odors.

Mix 2 tbsp. l soda and 0.5 l of water. Stir the powder well until the grains are completely dissolved. To speed up the process, you should take warm water.

Dampen a soft cloth in the prepared liquid and wipe the refrigerator in sequence. Wash the back wall, like the door, at the very end of the cleaning.

Finally, wipe the appliance with a dry cloth.

Soda for the refrigerator.

Soda removes dirt and leaves no odor after use.

Since there is no pungent odor after applying soda, and it does not leave streaks, it is often possible to use it in cleaning the refrigerator and its parts from yellow deposits and stains.

Lemon juice or acid

Prepare the solution in this way.

It should take 2 tbsp. l juice or acid and add half a liter of warm water, mix.

Moisten a cloth in the solution (squeeze it well so that moisture does not accumulate in the household appliance) and wipe all parts of the refrigeration unit in series.

Cleaning the refrigerator with lemon juice.

To eliminate unpleasant odors, you can clean the technique with lemon juice.

Then wipe the chamber with a dry cloth so that it becomes completely dry.

Let the refrigerator remain open until the smell disappears.

It is possible to prolong the disinfection effect by putting a glass with lemon zest on a shelf. Then it will be necessary to wash the device less often, especially if it is usually in a “tidy" state.


To eliminate unpleasant odors from the refrigerator, we recommend that you also use any soap that you have at the moment (but best of all, laundry soap, because it does not contain fragrances or fragrances).

Having taken the soap, foam it in water at room temperature.

Now apply the resulting foam to the inside of the refrigerator and wait about 20 minutes.

Then wipe the inside walls and parts of the appliance with a damp rag so that the foam is completely removed.

Soap solution for cleaning the refrigerator.

It is easy to wash the refrigerator with a soap solution.

ATTENTION! It is especially good to use this - foamy - method when washing a new refrigeration appliance.

In the case when the parts and parts of the refrigerator are very dirty, you can apply this effective method: grate the soap on a grater, add a small amount of water to it - until a thick slurry forms. The tool will perfectly process rubber seals, as well as those places in the household appliance where it is not easy to get when cleaning. Half an hour will pass and the applied slurry can be removed. Do not forget to wipe the camera dry.


Old dirt in the refrigerator is easily rubbed with toothpaste. It will help to “remove” saturated unpleasant odors. To do this, you need a paste without flavors and dyes in the composition. Apply the dentifrice to the sponge, spread evenly over its surface and begin cleaning the refrigerator.

Just before that, be sure to remove all the shelves and drawers: they will interfere with cleansing.

A quarter of an hour will pass and the paste can be removed. Make it a damp cloth.

The remaining parts and parts of the refrigeration unit are washed separately.

This method allows you to get rid of unwanted odors in the refrigerator immediately - the first time. Therefore, the method is highly recommended for quick action.

Toothpaste for washing the refrigerator.

To quickly get rid of unpleasant odors, you can use toothpaste.


Qualitatively “cope” with the unpleasant smell of stale meat or other undesirable flavors in the refrigerator apple cider. He carefully removes glue from the stickers.

Pour a glass of cider into the water (1 l), mix well, moisten a soft cloth in the solution.

Rinse the drawers, door and shelves of your refrigerator.

Now wipe it with a damp rag from the inside - to remove the remnants of the "product".

Sydor for the refrigerator.

Periodically, the refrigerator needs to be washed with a sydor.

After stewed meat and other products

In addition to folk remedies, which perfectly rid the refrigerator of the smells of alcohol, stewed meat, spoiled food, marinades, etc., when washing the refrigerator, you can use modern tools. It is only important that their composition is not aggressive. Such products and contaminants in the unit will be cleaned, and a pleasant aroma will be “conveyed” to the parts.

Means for washing the refrigerator.

In addition to folk remedies for washing the refrigerator, you can use ordinary cleaners.

To quickly remove unwanted odors and various stains, soak a cloth in a dishwashing detergent and place it in the place where the spoiled product was lying. After a quarter of an hour, wipe the treated area with a rag.

IMPORTANT! To wash the parts of the unit, as well as its components, is forbidden by hot water, since in this way their surface easily deteriorates. Before wet cleaning in the refrigerator, it is recommended to defrost it.

Procedure for cleaning the refrigerator inside and out

Daily cleaning in the refrigerator is not a problem. And how to properly carry out general washing of the inside of the device? Try to follow these steps in sequence, and you will have an excellent cleaning.

Defrosting the refrigerator.

Before you start cleaning in the refrigerator, you need to defrost the device.

First disconnect the appliance from the power supply, then before washing it can defrost a little.

Open the door, pull out everything that is in the refrigerator. Put the food in a cool place or in some container, as serious cleaning will take a long time.

IMPORTANT! If such cleaning in the refrigerator was planned in advance, try not to buy perishable products.

Remove the shelves, pallets, stands, and also metal elements of the device from the chambers. They must be washed and then dried separately. It will be very difficult to wash every corner of the household unit with these components.

To avoid odor, first wash the most polluted areas, washing inaccessible places. Choose a safe and effective product that you consider the most optimal for high-quality cleaning of the refrigerator.

Attention! Washing with the use of folk recipes will not only wash the base of the chamber itself and the freezer, but also disinfect the surfaces: in this way harmful microorganisms will die and you can use a household assistant without fear for food.

To properly clean the inside of the refrigerator, do not disregard the corners and notches. There are rubber seals on the door, be sure to wash there too to get rid of bacteria.

Drying the refrigerator.

After washing, it is worthwhile to dry the refrigerator compartment thoroughly with a rag or napkin.

Finally, wipe the parts with a damp cloth, then with a cloth.

Only after everything is dry can you plug the unit into a power outlet.

The refrigerator outside is wiped with a cloth of soapy foam, and then wiped well. The back of the refrigerator is brushed: the dust in the mechanism is optimally eliminated. For cleaning the refrigerator outside, folk remedies, as a rule, are not used. To eliminate odors, washing is carried out only by defrosting.

How often do you need to wash the refrigerator

The ideal option is to wipe the unit daily. This is the only way to avoid cross spoilage, as well as contamination of food placed there and not to aggravate the situation.

In addition to daily revisions of food and wiping the inner surface of the chamber, from time to time, large-scale cleaning should be carried out.

Cleaning the refrigerator.

In addition to daily cleaning, large-scale cleaning in the refrigerator should be done at least once a month.

It is recommended to carry out a general washing of the refrigerator at least once a month.

Additional tips

The refrigerator is one of the most necessary household appliances in the kitchen. He requires careful care, this device does not tolerate carelessness in relation to himself. Systematic large-scale cleanings will save your refrigeration unit from unnecessary odors and help preserve cooked food and products.

Cleaning the refrigerator outside.

For external cleaning of the refrigerator, it is not advisable to use aggressive means.

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