Sofa to the kitchen with your own hands: we determine the design (straight or angular), the manufacturing process, drawings and diagrams, assembly, decor

The need to make your own sofa in the kitchen with your own hands arises in the absence of suitable models on the market or the dimensions of your furniture are non-standard. If you are ready for high financial costs, then call a specialist. But if you spend at a minimum - it is better to make it yourself.

kitchen with sofa.

Interior of a modern kitchen with a red sofa.

First of all, you need to choose a design:

  1. Direct sofa - has a simple structure made of solid frame, upholstered partially or completely. Variations are possible with and without armrests, niches and additional shelves. Folding upholstered furniture will allow you to get extra seats at any time.
  2. Corner sofa - it is used in most cases. Since it can be installed in hard-to-reach places, it favorably saves space. You can use the legs of wood or metal, or you can remove the legs and get a niche under the seat. A sofa with soft inserts will be cheaper, and fully upholstered looks more comfortable and richer.
Direct sofa for the kitchen.

Design a direct sofa in the kitchen.

Features of kitchen corner sofas

The main feature is its shape. The sofa includes 3 parts: a short, longer, curved in the form of a part of a circle. Some sofas consist of 2 or 4 modular parts. These include extra ottomans and tables. Functionality depends on optional equipment. There may be places under the seat, shelves in the armrest, drawers.

Sofa with a berth.

A sofa with a berth turns the kitchen into an additional bedroom.

You can use curved armrests or backs or "play" with the depth of the seat.

Sofa with berth

The main purpose of the sofa in the kitchen is for comfortable sitting. In such a product, the depth is about 50 cm, which will not allow you to lie down on it. To solve the problem, corner sofas are equipped with a transformation function for using a berth. The main characteristic will be the mechanism itself:

  • The book is the most common, has a falling back.
  • Accordion - for compact sofas. Extra seat behind the back is not required. It includes two stages: extending the seat, folding the backrest into the resulting niche.
  • Roll-out - the easiest. Unfolds the lower block, thereby expanding the soft area.
  • Click-gag - also allows you to lower the sides, so the size is much smaller than the standard.
  • Dolphin - creates a berth by pulling the bottom block.
Sofa dolphin for the kitchen.

Corner sofa designed by a dolphin in the kitchen.

When choosing a design, pay special attention to the strength of the mounts and the quality of the mechanism itself, otherwise your sofa will not last long.

Custom size kitchen sofa

Everyone can have a situation when the standard corner bought from the manufacturer does not climb into the kitchen. An order for your size will help here, but such a purchase will have a high cost.

DIY sofa.

You can make a sofa in the kitchen with your own hands from different materials.

If you are not ready to bear the increased costs of a non-standard piece of furniture, then you will have to make a kitchen corner yourself. The creation of an original sofa should be approached with wisdom and patience.

With storage box

Do not forget about the possibility of additional space when making a corner sofa with your own hands. This storage box can be used to store kitchen utensils. It is only in the case of your corner to make a special cavity and build in a retractable mechanism that will control a roomy drawer. The seats can be additionally raised, gaining access to the interior of the sofa.

Sofa with drawers.

Sofa in the kitchen with drawers for storage.

Do-it-yourself sofa to the kitchen

The main thing - do not exaggerate the complexity of the assembly. Before you make a sofa into the kitchen with your own hands, you need to study all the rules and recommendations. There are many options, including long-term operation and a wear threshold. The main plus in our own production is the reasonable price of the finished product that fully meets your special desires.

Design project of a corner sofa.

Before you start making a sofa you need to make a clear design for future furniture.

Preparatory stage

First, we select the design and functionality of the sofa under construction. If you have never previously made furniture yourself from the beginning, then immediately do a complex model, including many elements, is not worth it. Preference should be given to comfortable and standard furniture.

An obligatory component of a sofa is a frame or frame. This is an internal skeleton that gives shape and rigidity to the entire structure. For support, they use legs or a retractable mechanism, all this can be purchased at furniture hardware stores. If you need a new place to store, then we make folding seats, and below - drawers. It is also necessary to decide how soft or hard the future sofa will be.

At the planning stage, it is important to solve the issue of size, otherwise you can overload the space. And also choose the shape of the sofa depending on the location and size of the kitchen: direct or angular.

Determined with design and construction

To begin with, we determine the design of the sofa: stationary or sliding. The first is easier to install, it is perfect for beginners. The sliding design is costly to manufacture, but it is very presentable. Using schemes and recommendations, it is quite possible to do it yourself. If your dining table is wooden, then also make the base, handrails of the corner from similar material. The original upholstery will create a unique, interesting item. Cushioning material is selected from artificial leather or microfiber. Properly selected filler will give the seats maximum softness.

Drawings and schemes

We start by creating a project. We analyze the shape of the end, the finished product, parts with upholstery.

We use the following instruction:

  • determine the location of the future corner;
  • take sizes;
  • draw up a drawing and assembly diagram.
corner sofa.

Drawing of a corner kitchen sofa.

We take the following rules as a basis:

  1. The size of the width of the walls (the width of both walls is minus 50 cm - this is the depth of the seat). Calculations will be needed to select the size of the connecting part.
  2. Choose the size of the back and seat.
  3. The lower part of the body is set at an angle for the best foot position. The front will be slightly larger than the back.
  4. The width of the main parts of the corner will be less due to the thickness of the material used.

According to all data, the size of all parts, the amount of material and accessories are calculated. A drawing is drawn for each individual element.

Materials used

We choose the material depending on the model, finances and the type of finished product. Wooden sofas will cost more, and woodworking requires certain skills. For a budget option, select the following materials:

  • Sheets of plywood or particleboard.
  • For the frame and lintels, a wooden beam.
  • Upholstery.
  • For soft parts, filler (synthetic winterizer, foam rubber).
  • Moving mechanisms and accessories.
Materials for the kitchen sofa.

The use of expensive materials will extend the life of the future sofa.


With the help of patterns, side parts are made, in accordance with the drawing, the beam is cut into pieces. In designated places, bars are fixed between the armrests: 2 in the lower part is the base of the frame and the bottom of the box, 1 - in the upper part of the back. The frame is reinforced with inserts located in the middle. Everything is pulled together with self-tapping screws.

The body of the sofa.

Corner sofa body.


Main characteristics: high degree of resistance to wear, does not absorb moisture and odor, easy to clean.

Leather will be a luxury material, but the price is very high. Consider the budget options:

  1. Velor is beautiful.
  2. Cotton is natural.
  3. Microfiber is durable.
  4. Jacquard - tight
  5. Tapestry - natural.
  6. Chenill - easy to clean.


The work is done in several stages.

  1. Cut blanks, fix with special glue.
  2. The fabric is placed face down. A piece of furniture is placed on top.
  3. Press and pull the upholstery, using a furniture stapler, fix the brackets.
  4. To hide the uneven edges of the fabric, a panel of fiberboard is placed on top.
The choice of materials for the sofa.

Do not save on upholstery and filling material.

Tools required:

  • Saw on wood or jigsaw.
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors, tape measure.
  • Electric drill or screwdriver.
  • Sander or skin.
  • Furniture stapler.

Manufacturing process:

  • Make a frame.
  • Screw the plywood blanks.
  • A fiberboard sheet secures the bottom of the box.
  • Tighten the back.
  • Install seat
  • Use soft ingredients.
Assembling a kitchen sofa.

The process of assembling a kitchen sofa with your own hands.


  1. Replacing the sofa area. You can change part of the wallpaper, for example, photo wallpaper with a strong color contrast or with pronounced textures.
  2. We use prints and ornament. These can be pillows; they are most easily applied with prints. You can also lay them out symmetrically in the form of a composition.
  3. Updating pillows. You can choose the color scheme of pillows for other objects in the room.
  4. We create a cozy texture. We vary the structure: we use material from matting or linen, plush or silk.
  5. We use a plaid. He will give the sofa a cozy touch.
  6. Replace the cover. This is the best option. This shift really transforms the sofa.
Pillows for the sofa.

For decoration, you can sew pillows to the tone of the upholstery, or bright shades.

Ready-made covers can be bought in stores. You can select various colors and modifications. If you purchase a universal cover, then it can be worn on any sofa using ties. Covers should be selected from a fabric with water-repellent properties, and preferably those that will not care for the claws of your pets.

Helpful hints and tips

Do not immediately change the corner if it has lost appeal. You can replace the upholstery on it and make a new one. Restoration begins with the removal of all parts with matter. Then all the brackets are removed. The old fabric is removed, changed to a new one. You can replace the filler.

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