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A cozy apartment or house is the dream of any person. For its implementation, it is not enough just to make repairs. Creating a beautiful, original and cozy interior is a difficult task, the solution of which will require not only desire, but also some knowledge. On our site you can always find inspiration and choose the design of your interior among a large number of decisions and ideas on the design of the interior space of residential premises.

Do you need to turn a small house, apartment, living room, kitchen or dining room into comfortable and modern rooms? Or there were ideas in creating a new interior, but you do not know how to implement them? Looking for new, fresh and creative design solutions? Answers to your questions can be found on our website, and besides this, look at the photos of a variety of fashionable and popular interiors in the design world.

The dream of a modern interior is a reality with designus.decorexpro.com/en/

The designus.decorexpro.com/en/ project is designed for people who want to create an aesthetic community in their home or apartment, in large and small living rooms, a unified orientation of the interior and realize the dream of a modern and comfortable housing. What does our site offer its visitors?

  • Only the best information materials, fully revealing all the design secrets of designing residential premises, modern projects of apartments and houses.
  • High-quality photos of ready-made interiors of residential premises: from classic solutions to the most creative and daring ideas.
  • Tips for creating coziness and comfort in small rooms, small apartments, small rooms, on balconies and balconies.
  • The most successful solutions from domestic and foreign decorators, designers and architects.
  • Professional advice on the repair, redevelopment and alteration of premises in apartments and houses. The project also touches on cosmetic and decorative solutions that allow to visually increase the space, improve the illumination of living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Monitoring the market of modern building materials and technological innovations that allow you to create unique interiors.
  • All ideas and solutions that inspire and allow you to create aesthetically and artistically designed interior spaces in apartments, ranging from the location of plumbing in the bathroom to the choice of a bedroom headset.
  • Secrets for choosing furniture, home decoration, and details, providing a wide scope for rational improvements and artistic finds.
  • The best examples and tips on creating well-organized plots, the exterior of houses, exclusive building facades.

The designus.decorexpro.com/en/ site is ready to give you the opportunity to see realized design projects of different styles for free. Inspiration, new ideas and a good mood are what our project guarantees to its visitors.

Ideas and photos of interior design from our site

Want to get rid of depression and bring something new to your life? Change your home, create an updated interior, let the wind of change into your home. Thousands of new design ideas are born daily in the world. New furniture, lamps, curtains and other accessories allow owners to decorate their homes and make them comfortable and practical for living, to bring in a part of their soul.

Modern finishing materials - wallpaper, plaster, tile, ceiling and floor coverings - make the room not only aesthetically attractive, but also increase the structural characteristics of the building. The microclimate, comfort and inner world of the house depend on the correct choice of all elements of the interior.

The designus.decorexpro.com/en/ project is a new and better solution that allows you to fully reveal your design potential, to explore all the secrets of this difficult but interesting activity - creating the interior of your own home!



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