Wallpapering design: combination, selection, expert advice

One of the most important roles in design any premises playing a selection of wallpaper. This technique makes it possible to significantly transform interior. If necessary, correct the flaws in the planning wallpaper sticking two kinds. For example, with different textures, color, patterned. Of options it can be very much, but it is always necessary to consider a whole list of conditions.

wallpaper sticking design

Creating a practical, functional and beautiful interior is a priority issue.

Basic combination rules

Combination and wallpapering of two types not complete without observing a number of rules that are listed in the table.

living room wallpaper design

The decoration of the walls of the room in many respects forms the whole image of the room, its character, mood.

The rule Description Tip
Ceiling height Ceiling height largely determines the requirements for drawing on wallpaper and their texture. Vertical stripes increase height. Stripes can only be distributed in one or two the walls.

If the height the walls less than 2.5 meters, it is recommended to choose light wallpaper. They can be either monophonic or small drawings.

Interior with ceilings over 3 meters require a different approach to design. An excellent solution would be wallpaper with large patternedstretched horizontally. Horizontal zoning acceptable the walls.

Square premises Dimensions of space also play an important role in the selection. For spacious premises You can choose bright, saturated colors. This way will visually reduce the area make room more comfortable. Will look good a combination of two types of wallpaper: one-color and with an ornament. Horizontal lines or other patterns are not recommended.

For the little ones premises on the contrary, light ones are required walls. Small discreet allowed picture.

Geometry Ratio the walls should also be considered. Fix long narrow premise will be able to fix wallpaper sticking two kinds. For example, smaller walls glued light monophonic wallpaper. At the same time, they must go to long corners. The rest of the space is filled wallpaper unobtrusive patterned.
Texture At Wallpapering two kinds Be sure to observe the integrity of the invoice. At combining is necessary use different wallpaper thickness. If a is used yet different type of wall covering, you should especially carefully select and glue.
sunlight The choice of color combinations is affected by the number of premise sun rays. In a very bright room wallpaper should not be monotonously bright. They can be diluted with coatings with an ornament or some kind of image on a long light the wall.

Combination Methods

There are also several ways to combine such material as wallpaper. The most important thing in choosing - clearly imagine the end result design.

living room wallpaper design

The choice of modern finishing materials is incredibly wide, the spread in cost is also great - it’s just right to get confused in a modern store.

So, we will consider effective methods.

  1. Vertical combination. It was said above that vertical stripes able to "raise" the ceiling.Designers note that they should not be equally spaced from each other.

    combined wallpaper

    Using wallpaper, it is easy to create an accent color or textured.

    At the same time, several options posting bands:

  • Stripes placed relatively rarely, but at all the walls of the room at the same interval;
  • Various stripes by color and drawing also allowed, but proceed with caution to prevent absurdities design (you should take everything from one collection);
  • maybe wallpaper combination three at once species from one series;
  • If a wallpaper with stripes go to the ceiling, it will help too to do its visually higher;
  • Wallpapering of two types from one collection is a win-win option, such an interior will always look profitable.
combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

You can highlight one or another functional area, decorate the walls.

combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

A homeowner with any wallet size can find a suitable option.

  1. Horizontal separation is almost a classic design of two types of wallpaper.  Is used the the way for many years, but modern manufacturers of wall coverings gave him literally a second wind.

    horizontal separation of wallpaper

    This design looks more profitable in small rooms with high ceilings.

    Specialists most often use the following options:

  • Horizontal strip around the perimeter, located at the level of the windowsill;
  • In the corridor, the line can be placed at the eye level of an adult, while the divided areas can vary in color;
  • Lower third walls may cover wallpaper at strip, and the remaining area - plain or small patterned.
horizontal combination of wallpaper

Finishing should create a single, harmonious image of the room.

horizontal combination of wallpaper

Wall decoration by combining plain wallpaper is an actual way of decoration.

  1. Wallpaper of different colors should be selected if necessary to divide premise into several zones. Most often specified method is used when decorating studio apartments. In the nursery room like that In this way, you can divide the play area and the child’s recreation area.

    3d wallpaper in the children's room

    Modern technologies allow the highest quality photo printing on any surface.

    wallpaper in the children's room

    Your wall with the image can be textured and even have metal inclusions.

  2. The original solution will be wallpaper sticking two kinds in the form of a panel. This design is best suited for the classic style.
  • If possible, a different area can be outlined;
  • Highlight patterned can a niche;
  • Niche can be glued with contrast color.
Wallpaper panels in the classical style

Where, if not in the living room, you can afford a touch of luxury.

black and white wallpaper in the living room

Even in laconic modern interiors, such an accent wall design can create a special mood.

  1. Designers often use method of creating color accents. At the same time, two methods are distinguished here:
  • Distraction from the part premises with unsightly elements;
  • Attracting attention to some subject of interior
contrasting wallpaper in the TV area

Such a design is able to increase the degree of originality and elegance of the image of the room.

wallpaper in the interior of the living room

In case of uncertainty, the combination is best left to a professional.

He will definitely be able to choose the most suitable options for room design. But a novice in this business can choose ridiculous combinations.

Combination Basics

It is important to note that when combined, the coating with the pattern in the base should contain the same shadesas plain wallpaper. Picture maybe several species: based on geometric elements, classic patterns or floral motifs.

combined wallpaper

Any of these options will look good with plain surfaces.

Of special note are the textured wallpaperthat are becoming more famous in modern design. It is a good alternative to liquid wallpaper.

The texture may appear in the following elements: strips, curls, abstractions, plant elements. Such of type wallpaper convenient to stick, they can be painted. They are also great for decorating ceilings.

italian wallpaper in the living room

A significant advantage of this choice is durability and the ability to repaint surfaces.

Proper lighting

Light in indoors always plays a major role. It must be taken into account when selecting wall coverings. If the lights are in the room little about dark flowers at such situations can be forgotten.

light wallpaper in the living room

You will have to choose from beige, cream, light gray shades.

Light can be distributed zonally. For example, where wallpaper lighter it will be less saturated, in darker areas - brighter.With horizontal separation the walls additional light can be emitted around the perimeter of the dark part: along the floor or ceiling.

Wallpaper selection

The key to quality of interior Is a competent choice of finishing materials.

wallpaper in flower

For full or partial wall decoration, all types of wallpaper can be used from the point of view of classification according to technological characteristics.

Manufacturers offer several types of wallpaper, each of which has a number of its own characteristics.

  1. Excellent paper combined with wallpaper all types due to its flexibility. They lie even in the most difficult and inaccessible places.
  2. Vinyls are characterized by high density and durability. It is the perfect choice for the wallsprone to mechanical damage. For example, for the corridor. Combine them better with wallpaper from paper.
  3. Non-woven wallpaper All designers appreciate texture. They are able to hide any flaws on the surfaces. the walls. However, they are wonderful combined with wallpaper any quality. The main thing is to carefully paste.
  4. Textiles are quite expensive. It is a good choice for a bedroom or living room. It should be noted that they can only be combined with non-woven or paper coatings.
  5. Liquid at first glance resemble decorative plaster. Such solution is suitable for premises any purpose. You can combine with non-woven wallpaper.
bright photo wallpaper in the interior

For living rooms, this type of finish can be used for accent surfaces.

modern wallpaper options

Textile wallpapers look luxurious, have high environmental properties, are able to "breathe".

To wallpaper were glued qualitatively, it is necessary during the repair process to perform the following steps:

  • To prepare the walls, which consists in cleaning old coatings, putty and primer;
  • Prepare glue purchased specifically for the selected type of wallpaper;
  • Apply glue to wallpaper or walls (do as indicated in the instructions);
  • Stick the main wallpaper (those that occupy a large area);
  • When measuring, be sure to leave allowances for the seams, as when drying wallpaper able to slightly decrease in size, which threatens the appearance of voids between stripes;
  • Glue should be started from the ceiling, leveling the surface with a special roller;
  • Stick on wallpaper for combining;
  • Cut off unnecessary parts of the coating, stick on curbs and ribbons if necessary.
wallpaper ideas for living room

Following simple rules will provide an excellent result.

Useful Tips

Designers are always guided by several principles when combining wall coverings. Following the tips below will help you find a win-win wallpaper sticking options for this or that premises.

bright floral wallpaper

Tastefully selected wallpapers will give your home beauty and coziness.

  • Stylish harmonious design can be obtained with light wallpaper combination coverings of the same collection, but with bright saturated patterned.
  • Make room can be brighter by highlighting with of wallpaper only one the wall.
  • With horizontal zoning, it is absolutely necessary to select borders or dividing tapes. Without them design will be unfinished.
  • For children, patchwork is permissible combination. It’s good if the baby chooses for himself wallpaper.
  • Juicy shades it is better combine with pastel flowers.
  • Plant elements in some cases overload the room.
  • Upholstery of upholstered furniture, curtains, carpets should be selected taking into account the decoration the walls. This will allow the interior look stylish and holistic.
  • Wallpaper, decorating elements and glue is best purchased in one store.
  • Pasting corners premises contrasting flowers allows you to visually align the proportions the rooms.
  • At design unacceptable using more than 5 colors.
  • For the little ones rooms you can not choose wallpaper with large drawings.

TO design one should always approach one's home with maximum responsibility, no matter what part of the house or apartment it is. Before starting any work, you need to clearly define the goals that you want to achieve with combining wallpaper

wallpaper in a luxurious living room

You need to imagine the final result.

Wall coverings must be chosen carefully, attention is usually paid not only colorbut also quality. The accuracy of embodiment depends on this. the ideas. When choosing contrasting combinations, it is recommended to think carefully colorsThey must be combined, not be difficult to look. For the bedroom, contrasting solutions are not recommended.

stylish wallpaper for the bedroom

In any case, this is an interesting, fascinating activity, which with a serious approach will provide an excellent result.

VIDEO: Options for combining wallpaper for walls.

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