Wall slides in the hall: photo ideas and options

The walls of the slide are time-tested and at the same time reflecting the modern trends of the type of furniture for the hall. They gained popularity in Russia in the 70s and since then not a single modern living room and apartment is almost impossible to imagine without them. The most significant advantages of choosing a photo of a wall slide in the hall are the practicality of making a decision, it is easy to find a slide combining functionality and an attractive design.

How to choose the right slide for the living room

When choosing take into account the style of design of the hall. The wall is consistent in the concept of the interior, and not standing up to anything is not a suitable element of furniture in the room.

Slides in style are divided into the following groups

Classic. Furniture of this kind for lovers of natural shades and strict forms. Each element of the wall-slide in the style of the classic is bulky and angular. The massive shelves allow you to place more of your favorite things.


High tech. Connoisseurs of modern design trends will certainly like the walls of this style. They advantageously beat the space, boldly combine contrasts in colors and materials. A bold design is defined by a combination of opposite colors and materials, for example, a combination of matte and varnished surfaces in the photo.


East style. Furniture, thought out to the smallest detail, with original decorative elements, bends, with drawings on the surface and often add golden elements. The model in the photo appreciates luxury in detail.

Modern. Laconic furniture design combined with practicality. A way to solve the problem of storing things in the hall without overloading the living room space. The furniture in the Art Nouveau photo features streamlined contours.


Provence. Provence style furniture is distinguished by the design of antiquity, graceful curves and patterns, as in the photo. It is made of natural wood or a substitute material imitating a wooden surface.

Having decided on the style, it is necessary to consider what functions a wall-slide should perform in your apartment. Some models are attractive aesthetically, thanks to a thoughtful design to match the style, not meeting the needs.

The components of the wall, useful for the hall:

  • Shelving for books;
  • Place for equipment (TV or music center);
  • Lower niche for DVD player;
  • Wardrobe;
  • Drawers;
  • Display shelves for dishes;
  • Racks;
  • Mirror.

Based on the layout of the house, they think over what functions the selected furniture should combine. For example, wardrobes are not provided in every wall.


Material Composition

Modular wall elements are made of wooden materials of various processing, it can be MDF, chipboard or fiberboard with veneer materials such as cherry, oak, walnut or use a natural solid wood.

MDF structure

MDF is a stove, which is a vacuum-pressed wood dust. This compound is used to make furniture for home or office. The structure does not include harmful and dangerous to humans elements; the manufactured furniture is distinguished by increased strength. Decoding MDF - fine fractions. MDF boards for furniture are gaining popularity, despite the high price of the material comparing with particleboard.

Particleboard Features

Chipboard (Chipboard) - a material widely known and most often used for cabinet furniture of the economy class. Wood chips are bonded with formaldehyde resins, this is the biggest minus of this type of material.The problem is that the composition releases formaldehyde into the air, a substance harmful to human health. This chipboard is disadvantageously different from MDF boards.

However, you can choose a safer chipboard, pay attention to the country of origin and the class of chipboard. German and Austrian chipboard manufacturers are famous for the highest environmental cleanliness of the material. As for the chipboard class, there are two of them, the quality of the E1 class is higher, E2 is prohibited in the manufacture of children's furniture.

There are laminated chipboard panels coated with a special textured layer. The decorative layer can be attached not only by lamination, but also by lamination.


Note! When purchasing furniture from chipboard, check what technology was used in the manufacture. The fact is that the final cost is practically the same, but the quality can be completely different. The cached panel almost does not differ in appearance, but the film on it begins to peel off from the corners and around the edges pretty soon.

Fiberboard Features

Wood-fiber board is the familiar “wrong” side of our furniture. The back side and inner drawers of the cabinets are made of this material. Fiberboard - these are sheets made by wet pressing, particles of wood (wood dust), bonded by steaming. The sheets are rough to the touch, they are covered with a film during production, and the surface becomes laminated or lacquered. Due to the specifics of manufacturing, fiberboard can only be thin sheets. The strength of the sheets by most has already been tested in practice. For an expensive series of furniture, fiberboard is replaced by plywood, there is almost no practical difference in use and strength.

Solid wood furniture

Natural wood requires careful processing, to obtain a high quality material, the conditions for drying and storing the tree are important, as well as the conditions in which this tree grew. This complicates the manufacture and increases the final cost of the product. Solid wood furniture is considered to be elite and not everyone can afford it. The aesthetic appearance of a model identical to natural wood is achieved in an economical way, using MDF and particleboard materials and covering with the necessary veneer. Therefore, natural wood furniture is not so popular when choosing slides for the living room.


Types of slides - which one to choose?

Classic straight slide

A straight slide is a modern interpretation of the wall familiar to all in its classic form. Slides do not concede the gained positions and remain necessary furniture for each apartment. The parameters of the slide and its size should correspond to the space of the room. Best of all, this slide is suitable for living rooms of large and medium sizes. In the room, the furniture case should occupy enough space so as not to get lost in the background of a huge room, and at the same time not to overload the space with its bulkiness and heaviness.

Corner slide

A furniture wall that uses the free space of a corner is the solution for a practical storage area. When planning the interior, the corners of the room are not used in any way, with this slide you can fix this and use the corner rationally. This idea is great for small-sized apartments, in which there is a regular problem with the placement of things. Although great care is taken in choosing such slides, despite their practicality, they may turn out to be not a compact place for things, but a huge cabinet that takes attention to itself if the hall is small. It may sound paradoxical, but this type of slide looks better in a medium-sized living room.


Modular mini slide

The slide fits practically into the space of the middle living room. Wall modules are different, you should choose a suitable slide, given the functional purpose. Lightweight construction and detailed design will complement the selected interior, the main thing is to choose the style and color of furniture.Elements of the slide move and change places, and this does not spoil the view of the hall, but rather transforms and updates. The main advantage of this type of furniture is that it is difficult for them to “overload” the living room, unless a very small room is taken into account.


Color selection

When choosing a slide for the hall, the colors that are appropriate to operate are taken into account. The living room is a place of relaxation for each family member and reception of guests, the design of the room should be appropriate and it should be cozy for a quiet evening with a book, and in the company of friends and family.

To make the room a favorite vacation spot, every detail of design is thought out and the impression of the room is created by cabinet and upholstered furniture.

Classic colors

Basic classic furniture colors: oak; cherry; wenge; beech. Using these colors, you will create a cozy atmosphere for leisure and relaxation.

A stylish modern solution will be the combination of several colors when choosing furniture. A wide range of walls is offered with a combination of natural colors that specify smooth contrasts to the room. These slides create a memorable visual effect on a light background of walls and ceiling, photo. The main thing is not to forget to take into account the necessary colors in the composition of the hall.


White for lightness

White color is a classic solution for creating a cozy and weightless space. Color refers to the base, so it can be easily combined with another. The only minus of choosing a white slide is the soiled furniture, it requires careful care. Although, the contrasting black color requires close attention, since stains and newly emerging dust are visible on dark furniture. The only thing. What to avoid when choosing a white wall - placing furniture on a white background of walls and ceiling. In this case, the interior merges and a feeling of hospital sterility appears, for some people such associations are far from the idea of ​​comfort.


Pastel shades

Creative people can use pastel shades of furniture for the design of the hall - they do not take a lot of attention and harmoniously fit into the interior. Warm and light gray shades have a positive effect on brain processes.

Bright colours

For active and outstanding personalities who show a character in the design of the apartment, juicy fresh colors are suitable. When choosing the rest of the furniture, the compatibility of colors is taken into account vigilantly and carefully. The main thing is that subsequently the bright design of the chosen style of furniture does not suppress the mood with its aggressiveness.


Tip: To revitalize the furniture in the room, use the backlight built into the glass of the cabinets or along the contours of the shelves, as in the photo.

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