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Combination options are many. You can combine plain and print wallpapers
85 photos
Despite the emergence of a large number of modern finishing materials, wallpapers are still popular ....
87 photos
Every season there are more and more varieties of wall coverings. But, nevertheless, one of ...
77 photos
The entrance hall is that part of the house or apartment that guests see first. They enter your home and ...
88 photos
Conciseness, lightness and plenty of light - the concept of interior design 2019. Window decoration should ...
61 photos
Interested in how to quickly defrost a refrigerator? The camera is filled to capacity with food, outside the window +40 - how ...
During installation, it is necessary to provide free access to all connecting nodes, so that in case of leakage or malfunctions, the problem can be fixed as soon as possible.
24 photos
It is hardly possible to imagine at least one kitchen without a stove for cooking. Due to a number of distinctive characteristics ...
Do it yourself
11 photos
You decided to cook a delicious roast or fragrant charlotte, and the only thing left to do is bake in the oven ....
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Housekeeping requires considerable knowledge for washing, cleaning appliances in the kitchen from pollution ....
64 photos
The need to make your own sofa in the kitchen with your own hands arises in the absence of suitable models for ...

«Design In Photo"- a modern site that talks about the intricacies of the interior and decor. The main purpose of the site is to help choose a design for your premises and carry out repairs in it. The site details various interior styles, such as hi-tech, black and white and eclecticism, for all types of rooms.

The designus.decorexpro.com/en/ project gives practical advice directly on repairs, offers solutions that allow you to visually enlarge rooms, as well as make them brighter. On the site you will learn how to make some decor elements with your own hands, for example, blinds or liquid wallpapers. In addition to a detailed description, photos and drawings are attached to the entire process.

Professionals share the most successful decor decisions from renowned foreign architects and designers. If you have any question regarding this topic, you can ask it on the site and get a response from a qualified specialist. The resource has a separate category dedicated to a selection of videos on a building topic. The site also has an online calculator that calculates how many drywall sheets and all components are needed using the area and perimeter of the ceiling.